no money is too little to manage

A Different Approach

At Financial Hikers Coaching and Consulting, I believe the spirit under which your finances are handled is a vital part of its future growth. Financial teaching is an area in life that lack proper foundation to our current system both to the young and old in. I focus majorly on money matters, teaching simple handling techniques with formulated structures to help monitor growth in your  business and personal finance.

Do you need help in your business or personal finance? 





Though my services are divided into basic areas of coaching / Consultation and growth, all clients are treated as individuals and don’t think a one-sized-fits-all solution will work. I’ll help you develop a customized plan to your unique position.

Quality Over Quantity

Although you can tell a lot about a business or service by looking at its website, the best way to see what they can do is by looking through their customer’s eyes and seeing what they’ve accomplished.

  • Optimize Performance
  • Contract Consultants
  • Costs in Advance
  • Technology Planning

OTHER Services

 ONLINE/ REMOTE/ mobile notary public services

24/7 Notary Public of Tarrant County, Texas.

We provide 24/7 Online /Remote notary public services and loan signings / sign-ups. We can also travel to your home or business for your convenience to notarize any legal documents so you don’t have to take time off from work.

 Our travel fees are very reasonable. Online /Remote service pays for convenience.


private coaching/ consultation

What if running finance was about being able to capture the very best out of every new possibility that was presented to you?

Our Mission is to “MEET”.

Motivate, Educate, Empower and Transform through planning, budgeting, saving and investing tips. We customize programs to help suit unique individuals and organization’s needs to attain their financial goals in the form of discussions, dialogue and personal evaluation.

partner with financial hikers

Become an educator and a distributor of Financial Hikers money management movement.

You get an opportunity to become part of Financial hikers family. You get to share and teach with Financial Hikers materials to spread Financial Literacy.

3 Sponsored levels available to become a member of Financial Hikers and get an opportunity to earn income as you share the knowledge. Ask us how?


self-publishing guide

We provide an easy to follow platform and guide to tell your story. Make it authentic as it should be and offer guidance through the process till you get to self-publish your work.  Ask us how? 


Alan Smith

After we dealt poorly with a product recall, we were worried that our business was going to fail. We had marketing people who could tell us how to promote our products, but nobody could tell us how to regain our customers’ trust and loyalty. Financial Hikers Marketing Makeover put us back in the game.


We knew we had a great product, but we didn’t know how to take the business to the next level so that we could see real success. The comprehensive Dynamic  Planning and investment program offered by Financial Hikers worked with us every step of the way so we could grow our company without sacrificing our company spirit and realized the importance of tracking every little transactions in our business.



Determined to create something better, our company was formed to help small businesses and individuals reach that next level without losing their personality. 

We believe that creating growth is only helpful if the company is able to continue. Destroying a company’s spirit in the interest of growth only leads to a failed enterprise.

Because of this value, we’re always happy to go above and beyond for your company, reaching out to our extensive network of contact to develop the perfect program so your company can realize an amazing level of dynamic growth.

We don’t want you to change. We’ll help you get there without sacrificing your values.


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